Welcome! On this site, you will be able to listen to my song "One Human Race" and receive a download by making a donation of any amount directly to CASA. I am donating 100% of proceeds to this life-changing charity through June 1st. Thank you for your support. To learn more, see below. 

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MORE THAN JUST A SONG - "One Human Race" is my first original song release. I wrote the song last summer when I was 14 years old and so much was happening in the world. During this time, I was feeling scared, confused, anxious and deeply saddened. I did not like the way people were treating and talking to one another. Our skin color, gender, background and age should not define our self-worth or who we are as individuals. The song lyrics help explain my emotions - that we should treat each other with respect and dignity because we are all equal, we are all one human race. 

There are many ways for people to connect with the song, whether they've experienced racism, a hate crime, the loss of a loved one, feeling alone, or just having a difficult time in life. It is intended to be inspiring and give hope for the future.   

Through this song, I have chosen to work with a charity to help children. My goal is to create awareness and funds for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). I am familiar with CASA through my participation in National Charity League (NCL) and Teens for CASA Club at school. You will receive a download of the song with a donation of any amount to CASA. You can also find "One Human Race" on music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. - Josette Noelle

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You may also make a payment of any amount directly to CASA through Venmo under username @casaoc. Please send a screenshot of your completed transaction to lblackney@casaoc.org to receive your song download and tax receipt for your donation.

about artist

Josette is 15 years old and resides in Orange County, California. Josette is originally from the Seattle area. She has enjoyed writing songs and singing since a young age. She was a member of Columbia Choirs in Redmond, WA and when she moved to Orange County was involved with The Center Stage Studio (CSS) in their musical theatre program. She is currently in the choir program at her school and takes music lessons at Music Vault Academy. Josette plays volleyball, enjoys skiing and is dedicated to helping others. She is a member of the National Charity League (NCL) and is a two-time Presidential Award recipient for hours served helping charities, including CASA, in the local area. She is also a member of the Teens Club for CASA at her school. 

ABOUT CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County is a privately-funded non-profit organization that serves severely abused, neglected and abandoned children. Founded in 1985, with major support from the Junior League of Orange County, CASA provides a powerful voice and a meaningful connection for children. They are able to serve these children through the generous support of those who donate to CASA, as well as the immeasurable compassion and commitment of our CASA advocates.

Find out more at www.casaoc.org or www.casaoc.org/josette.       

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Thank you to those who have helped with this project: Music Vault AcademyClaudiu IlieAndrei Dan, Cristian Ungur, Richard Stan, Mark Maryonovich, Heidi Higgins, Claire Pearson, Lorran Lima, Jennifer Novelline, Matthew Wadlinger, Lori Jackson, Lila BlackneyMichelle MillmanDarrin Varden, Sandra Rahnama, Christine Gruenberg, Alicia Scrimger, Heather Wulfemeyer, Friends and Family

There are many obstacles we face in our lives, but in the end we need to show love and care for everyone around us - like one human race should.” - Josette Noelle

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